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About us ?

We are a recruitment Agency which specialises in the construction industry, and we also offer a service of management consultancy in the Human Resources sector.

Our team of consultants, all experts from the construction and public works industry (20 years experience in consultancy working with all actors in the building industry) can offer you a whole range of services in :

- Recruitment of Technicians, Managers, Profit Centre Directors,
- Consultancy in skills and career development

Our expertise combines a strong  Construction Industry culture with the techniques of Human Resources management. We focus on matching the right activity with the right men and women with the right skills. Exactly those men and women who will help your company to grow.

We work with small companies (SMEs) or regional branches of national companies in the construction field, and also with contractors and project managers, technical design, and inspection offices.

6 rue St John Perse - Immeuble ISIS - 21000 DIJON
Tél : 03 80 53 19 14
 59 Chemin du Moulin Carron – Espace Florentin - 69570 DARDILLY
Tél : 04 78 35 02 62



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